56 Patel Nagar, Cantt., Varanasi-221002, U.P. Airport-18km, Railway Station-1/2km

S-21/116-K-5, Parade Kothi, Near Cantt. Railway Station, Varanasi-221002, U.P., Airport-18km

Pared Kothi, G T Road, Near Union Bank, Opp. Cantt., Railway Station, Varanasi-221002, U.P.

15, The Mall, Varanasi, Opp. Nehru Park, Cantt., Varanasi-221002, U.P.

Bhelupur, Varanasi-221010, U.P. Airport 22Km from, 5Km from Bus Stand/ Railway Station

The Mall Cantonment, Varanasi-221002, U.P., Airport-18km, Ganga Ghats- 5km .

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