This little known Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near Nepal border in the Tarai region of Bahraich district and is a part of Dudhawa Tiger Reserve.

This old temple houses a large Shiva Lingam and is said to be of Mahabharata Period. This area was then known as Pancharayam.

he temple is dedicated to Raja Suheldev (a local King) and is known as Raja Suheldev Darbar. A temple dedicated to Goddess Durga, is also built within the premises of this temple.

The Sanctuary is divided into two parts, viz, East & West. West Suhelwa is 15 km from the east Suhelwa. The Sanctuary was established in 1988 & covers an area of 452.77 km2.

Tirrey Manorama Temple is the important Buddhist place and is located between two important Buddhist places Lumbini (In Nepal; Birth place of Buddha) & Sravasti

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