The place is also known as Balark Rishi's Tapasthali. The main deity of the temple, located within the ashram, is Goddess Kali.

The chief place of interest in Bahraich is the Mausoleum of Saiyyad Salar Masaud, who was the son of Salar Sahu and the nephew of Mahmud of Ghani.

Siddhpeetha of Devi Patan is situated in the tarai region of Himalaya and is one of the 51 Shaktipeetha and also one of the most significant Shaktipeetha in the region.

The Girija Barrage, built across the Ghaghara River, diverts the water of Ghaghara into lower Sarda Barrage (built across by River Sarda) by a link canal of 28 km in length.

The temple located at a distance of about 30 km from Bahraich on Matehra-Itaha road, at Mahsood Nagar, Basthanwa, in Bahraich District of U.P

Kapilvastu is the important Buddhist place and is located between two important Buddhist places Lumbini (In Nepal; Birth place of Buddha) & Sravasti

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