Salkhan Fossil Park is a geological heritage of Sonbhadra district. The age of these tree fossils as estimated by geologists is around 1400 million years and dates back to Proterozoic Period.

This historical place has been a witness to the glorious past of Sonbhadra. During the freedom struggle of India this place was an epicenter of Non-cooperation and Quit India movement.

This huge temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati and houses an 11th Century black stone statute (3 feet high) of Shiva-Parvati in Srijan Mudra (posture).

The temple is about 115 km south of Robertsganj (District Headquarter), near Shaktinagar Township, located in the south western part of Sonbhadra district, U.P.

The temple is located at a distance of about 3 km from Robertsganj in Barailla Village, on Robertsganj-Ghorawal-Barailla road (500 mts. inside) and is accessible only by road.

The panoramic view of Son Valley is best witnessed from this point. The point was inaugurated on 11th August, 2003 by the District Magistrate of Sonbhadra.

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