The temple is dedicated to Goddess Andri. It is believed that Bharadwaj Rishi prayed for Devi Andri to safeguard the meditation of Durwasa Rishi from miscreants.

Mangarh is a small village between Ayodhya & Prayag. The Bhakti Dham Mangarh, has been developed at the birth place of Shri Kripaluji Maharaj.

Bhita is the place of archaeological importance on the bank of River Yamuna and sprawls over an area of 400 bighas, near the village of the same name.

This place is said to have been established by Sayyad Faizullah during the reign of Emperor Shahjahan. He named this place Daranagar, after the name Dara Shikoh, the son of Shahjahan.

Earlier the place was known as Hariharpur and was a big city in the past. Datta Shah, a local saint (Fakir) who lived here in the times of Asif-ud-daula, saved the locals from the atrocities of Awadh forces.

Rishi Durwasa was the son of Anusuiya & Rishi Atri. He was considered to be the reincarnation of Shiva.

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