The park has been built at the place where Lord Caning read the declaration of Queen Victoria in Nov. 1858. Pt.

This temple has its own historical importance in Prayag. According to Kurm Puran, Prayag mandal covered an area of about 5 yojanas (about 40 km) and in Matsya Puran, it is mentioned that it extended from Pratishthana to the pond of Vasuki, as far as the abode of Naga.

Holy River Yamuna (the main tributary of river Ganges) separates Allahabad from its satellite town Naini.

It is a centre of great attraction amongst masses because of its grand appearance and services rendered to the people.

Allahabad Development Authority has developed a beautiful park in Neevan village, 8 km from Allahabad city under the beautification scheme. Besides a beautiful lake & Appu Ghar, there is a railway track for children. In the evening lighting arrangements are also there. Presently park is not well maintained and does not attract many visitors.

This is an attractive newly built ghat on the bank of river Yamuna near Minto Park (Madan Mohan Malviya Park) situated on Yamuna Bank road in Allahabad, U.P. Spectacular daily Arti in the evening, is a real treat to watch. The boat club is also located near this ghat, close to Naini bridge.

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