This ancient temple of Goddess Durga is housed in a natural Cave. The idol has been shifted from the cave to a newly constructed temple here.

The place is also known as Balark Rishi's Tapasthali. The main deity of the temple, located within the ashram, is Goddess Kali. Panchmukhi Hanuman & Shani Temples are also located in the premises. The temple timings are- 5am-1pm & 4pm-11pm.

Iftikhar Khan was one of the officers, during the regime of Jahangir (1605-27). The Mausoleum built in 1605, is one of the finest exhibits of Mughal Architecture and is built of Chunar sandstone.

This reservoir/dam has been constructed on River Jargo during second five year plan (1956-59). The place is surrounded by hilly ranges and the natural panorama presents a very beautiful picturesque landscape.

Among three divine manifestoes (Maa Laxmi, Saraswati & Kali) of Adi Shakti, Mahakali is said to be settled in cavern of Kali Khoh.

This temple is located on Ahraura-Robertsganj road in the south west of Ahraura town, in Chandauli district, U.P. and is dedicated to Goddess Kali.

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