This small temple is dedicated to Goddess Sheetala Devi, and is located at Bathua Trimuhani, on Jabalpur road in Mirzapur city, U.P.

Located near Ashtabhuja temple, this Kund (tank) is known as Sita Kund. The tank is fed by a perennial mineral water spring which has some medicinal properties with high content of iron. Many diseases are cured by bathing in the water of the kund.

The temple of Tara Devi is located near burning Ghat or Cremation Ghat (Ramgaya Ghat). Tara is the presiding deity of this temple, who is worshipped here as Maha Samshan Devi (Deity of Cremation) here. This is an important centre for Tantriks.

The Japanese (The Association of World Peace Bell, Japan) have set up a huge peace bell inside this park which has been molded in Japan.

The temple is located on the confluence of River Ojhala (Punyajala) & River Ganges, near Kantit village.

amnavami (ninth day of Chaitra Month in March-April), Navratri (Sept.-Oct.), Shravan Fair, Shivratri are some of the fairs held in Vindhyachal and Mirzapur annually. Other important activities include Kantit Sharif Urs (5th,6th & 7th day of Rajab Month) & Vithal Utsav (Dec.).

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