This Shiva temple is located in the Welleslyganj locality of Mirzapur city, U.P., at a distance of about 3 km from Railway Station at Bariya ghat and can easily be accessed from any part of the city by cycle rickshaw.

This temple is the centre of Maha Trikon (Great Triangle) of Vindhyachal and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Ram established this Shivling that is why the temple is known as Rameshwar Mahadev.

This is the funeral Ghat. As per the description in Puranas, Lord Rama along with his younger brother Laxman & Sita is supposed to have performed prayer (Shradh-one of the ritual performed as a prayer for eternal peace to the soul of the departed ones)

The Japanese (The Association of World Peace Bell, Japan) have set up a huge peace bell inside this park which has been molded in Japan.

This park is at a distance of about 3.5 km from Mirzapur railway station. This park is worth seeing.

Situated in the Buddhenath Mohalla (locality) near Trimuhani market in the middle of the city is the temple of Buddenath which is belived to be 250 year old.

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