The temple was constructed in the year 2000 and is being managed by a South Korean Society.

This is the first temple, as one enters through the main entrance gate of Kushinagar and is one of the newly added attractions of Kushinagar.

A must visit in Kushinagar. This temple stands amongst the ruins of various Buddhist Vihar (monastery) of different sizes, which were constructed from time to time in the ancient period, and has extensive lawns and a meditation garden, on a 2.74 mts.

This huge Burmese Pagoda (Samridhi Chaitya Stupa) is also one of the new attractions of Kushinagar.

A colossal but mutilated Statue of Buddha seated under the Bodhi tree (3.05 mts. in height) carved out of one block of blue stone of Gaya Region, in Bhumi Sparsh Mudra, a posture showing him touching the earth is installed in the temple.

This is the last temple in Kushinagar on Buddha Marg and houses a stupa built of grey stones and the stupa is surrounded by pillars on four sides.

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