This Idgah is located at a distance of 2 km from Railway Station in Jahagirabad bazaar locality of Jaunpur city. Processions on Id-ul-zuha, Id-ul-fitr & on Barawafat start from here.

The temple is the Shaktipeetha of Maa Sharda & is located in Parmanantpur area of Jaunpur city, U.P., India. A Dharmshala is also built in the premises of the temple. People on both the Navratries throng the temple in large number. 4th March of every year is celebrated as the foundation day of temple. (Timings: 6:30am-1pm & 2pm-8pm)

Sharqi dynasty, founded by Malik Sarvar who held the title of 'Malik-ush-Sharq', ruled over Jaunpur from 1394 to for about a century. The rulers of this dynasty did significantly

Sheetala Chaukia Dham is a famous ancient temple of Jaunpur and is dedicated to Goddess Sheetala Mata.

Sher Jaman Khan was a leading muslim of Jaunpur in the medieval period. His daughter was married to Ahmad Khan Bangesh, Nawab of Farrukhabad.

The mosque is located on the southern end of Shahi (Akbari) bridge. In front of the mosque a colossal stone statue of Lion standing on an elephant can be seen, which is worth appreciating.

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