The fort is situated towards the east of the northern end of the bridge and was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in 1360. Later Sharqies further strengthened its fortification and added royal edifices.

The Jhinjhiri Mosque was built by Ibrahim Shah Sharqi in 1430, simultaneously with the construction of Atala and Khalis (Char Angul) Mosque.

Kaleech Khan Ka Maqbara or Suleman Khan Ka Maqbara is located on the right bank of River Gomti in the Baradari area of Jaunpur city on Badlapur Road

The Kerar Bir Temple is dedicated to giant demon-Keralavira (Kerar Bir), who was killed by Lord Ram in order to save the people from his atrocities.

Bibi Raje, the queen of Sultan Mohammad Shah Sharqi- a ruler of Sharqi dynasty, built this mosque in 1450. The mosque was constructed to serve as a private mosque to the queen.

Sadar Imambara was built during the regime of Mohammad Shah Sharqi and is located in the Begumganj locality of Jaunpur city, U.P., India.

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