This is the birth place of Lord Swaminarayan (1781-1830) and the main attraction of this place is the shrine of Swaminarayan. The saint was born here on 2nd April 1781, named as Sahjanand. Swami passed his early childhood in Chhapiaya & then migrated to Ayodhya.

The temple is located on the northern bank of the River Sai. It has considerable local importance due to the temple of Lord Shiva, who is named here as Belkarnath..

This temple is located at a distance of about 8 km from Khalilabad, 43 km from Gorakhpur, in Sant Kabir Nagar district, U.P.

This place is located at abut 20 km east of Gorakhpur City on Gorakhpur-Deoria road (SH-1), about 5 km from Chauri- Chaura, in Gorakhpur district, U.P.

This place is situated between Anandnagar & Maharajganj, at a distance of 15 km from Anandnagar & 15 km from Maharajganj and 59 km from Gorakhpur in Maharakganj district, U.P., India.

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