The place, located in doab area of Rivers Ghagra & Ganga, is about 33 km from Ballia city, the district headquarter & 135 km from Gorakhpur via Sikandarpur. The place can be accessed via SH-1 running between Gorakhpur & Ballia.

This cremation place is located at a distance of 63 km from Gorakhpur & 3 km from Barhalganj in Mau district, on the bank of River Ghaghra (Saryu) & has been developed by Mukti Sewa Sansthan. T

This Shiva temple is located about 13 km south of Gorakhpur, on Gorakhpur-Varanasi road in Bhauvapar village in Gorakhpur district.

Palta Devi temple is a Shaktipeetha and is dedicated to Devi Palta. It is believed to be of Mahabharata period.

This temple is located at a distance of about 13 km from Nichlaul, 39 km from Maharajganj, 5 km from Gadaura Bazaar in Maharajganj district of U.P.

This ashram of Pauhari Baba is located at a place called Pekauli, in Deoria district, at a distance of 9 km from Deoria & 59 km Gorakhpur on the road Rudrapur-Pekauli-Pakadi road.

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