Sun temples are rare in India or abroad. The people of Gorakhpur are lucky to have one sun temple, which is situated in the north western part of the city, beyond railway line.

With the establishment of Planetarium here, Gorakhpur has joined the exclusive club of astronomical facilities.

Union Church is located on Medical College road, in Rapti Nagar locality of Gorakhpur, U.P., at a distance of about 5 km from railway station.

Vinod Van is located far away from the city inside quiet Kusmhi forest. A zoo is also the part of this park where some animals like deer, snakes, antelopes

The famous temple, associated with God Vishnu, was constructed in 12th Century.

V Park or Vindhyavasini Park is located in the north east of the University area in Gorakhpur, U.P. The park is managed by the Horticulture department of the Government.

The temple is located in Turkmanpur locality of Gorakhpur, U.P. This is a small temple and idols of many Gods & Goddess are installed here, viz.

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