Govt. Buddha Museum Gorakhpur was established in 1987 but the present building came into existence in 1997.

Gurudwara Jatashanker is situated in Dharmshala bazaar (one of the oldest markets of the city) locality.

This Gurudwara is located on NH-28, in Mohaddipur area of Gorakhpur, U.P. at a distance of about 3 km from railway station.

This Gurudwara is located in the Paidleyganj locality of Gorakhpur city, U.P. and is about 2.5 km from railway station.

This is one of the old temples of Gorakhpur and Lord Hanuman is the main deity of the temple.

It is a very famous landmark of the city and abode of Imams, located in the central part of the city was built at the close of the 18th century by Syed Raushan Ali, the first Mian Sahib of Gorakhpur in 1774 or 1717.

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