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Maghar is associated with famous 15th century enlightened Saint, mystic poet and philosopher Kabir from Varanasi (Kashi).

Palta Devi temple is a Shaktipeetha and is dedicated to Devi Palta. It is believed to be of Mahabharata period.

The place is one of the holiest shrines of Jains. 6th Tirthankar Bhagwan Padamprabhu went into deep meditation here on the 13th day of Kartik month after renouncing the world.

Allahabad has been the most sacred place of Hindus since ancient times and was known as Prayag. This place is considered as one of the most sacred soul cleansing and bathing destinations of India.

This place is located on the right bank of River Gomti on Sultanpur-Jaunpur road (NH-56), about 32 km south east of Sultanpur city & 85 km from Ayodhya, 8 km from Lohramau, 8 km from Kadipur.

The area was ruled by Kantit (Kantitpur). Nag Vanshi’s Vakatak dynasty from 3rd to 9th Century. Kol king & Abho dynasty also ruled over this region.

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