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It is the Samadhi of Govind Sahib, a local saint. A pond, where boating facility is available, is situated nearby.

Kapilvastu is the important Buddhist place and is located between two important Buddhist places Lumbini (In Nepal; Birth place of Buddha) & Sravasti (where Buddha spent 27 monsoons of his life).

Kaushambi (Kosam), once the capital of Chedi-Vatsa Janpada, one of the important Janpada among 16 Janpadas of that time and was ruled by King Udayan. According to Buddha Ghosh, an eminent writer of Buddhist literature

This is the dargah (mausoleum) of famous Sufi saint Sayyad Mukhdum Shah Ashraf Jahangir Samnani (a city of Iran), who came here during the reign of Firoz Shah Tughlak. The dargah is surrounded by a circular pond, which is called 'Neer Sharif'.

This place is located on the right bank of River Gomti on Sultanpur-Jaunpur road (NH-56), about 32 km south east of Sultanpur city & 85 km from Ayodhya, 8 km from Lohramau, 8 km from Kadipur.

Adra Vanvasini Lehra Devi Temple is a Siddha Shaktipeetha, which is situated on the bank of river Pavah( now confined to a narrow Nala/stream).

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in