Devraha Baba Ashram

Location About 29 km from Deoria, via Musaila-Maiel road & 79 km from Gorakhpur, in Deoria district, U.P., India
Ideal time to visitThroughout the year, specially on Guru Purnima of Ashaad month, Annual festival 22nd-30th June when a fair & many functions are organized in the Ashram
Timings/opening24 hours, Opens all days
How to reach Accessed by road only. Jeeps are available from Deoria, Salempur or by hired taxi

This Ashram is the tapasthali/Ashram of famous Shri Deoraha Babaji. This place is located in the east of Barhaj town on the bank of River Ghaghra. The Ashram believes in Gurukul education and imparts Vedic education to children free of cost with food & lodging facilities. It has its own Goshala (cowshed). Tourist Department has constructed three rooms for the devotees visiting the Ashram.