This place is located in the Badi Chawni area of Ayodhya and is also known as Badi Chawni and has been the seat of many saints especially of Kanya Kubja Brahmins.

It is one of the important landmarks of Ayodhya, located near Hanuman Garhi, area of Ayodhya, U.P.

This building is located to the south of Kanak Bhawan near Ram Janm Bhumi area and is located in the Ramkot area of Ayodhya, district Faizabad. It is generally believed that Lord Ram's coronation was held here after coming from the exile.

This structure has been built by King Dadua and is situated at Shringar Hatt , Ayodhya, U.P.

Ram Katha Sangrahalaya is situated inside Tulsi Smarak Bhawan, which has been built by the Government of India in the memory of Goswami Tulsi Das in 1969 and comes under cultural department of Govt.

This is an open air theatre and comes under the management of Nagar Palika and can be booked by approaching them. Four day long Ramayan Mela is organized here by the Govt. Cultural Department.

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