This old temple located at the north east of Kanak Bhawan is dedicated to Matgajendra

Situated in a huge compound in the cantonment area of the city, this temple has been built by the Dogra Regiment of Indian Army.

One of the twelve Jyotilinga- Nageshwarnath- is the presiding deity of this temple in Ayodhya.

Temple dedicated to Narsingh, houses a magnificent statue and is located inside the Chawni situated on the road named Mani Ram Das Chawni Marg at a distance of about 1.5 km from Ayodhya railway station.

This temple, one of the old temples of Ayodhya, is located in the Teri Bazaar locality of Ayodhya.

This temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is located about 100mts before Guptar Ghat on the road leading to Guptar Ghat in Faizabad, U.P. & can be accessed by own transport.

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