Kanak Bhawan is one of the finest temples in Ayodhya and is a must visit. It is believed that this Bhawan was gifted to Sita by Kaikei immediately after her marriage.

Karsewakpuram is situated at Janaki Ghat of Ayodhya. Here the proposed Ram Janm Bhumi temple is on display, which has been prepared by Vijay Dudi.

Katari Temple is situated near Tulsi Udyan on Faizabad road, Naya Ghat locality of Ayodhya.

This magnificent temple holds a very special place amongst the Tingal branch of Ramanuji Vaishnav Sect.

The temple is located in the Ramkot area of Ayodhya adjacent to Ram Janm Bhumi.

The Shiva temple is located in front of Govt. Shri Ram Chikitsalaya on Faizabad road.

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