Shri Gurunanak Devji visited this place while on one of his four major journeys that he undertook.

On the western gate of Ramkot Vikramaditya got a temple constructed which later on came to be known as Hanuman Tila & finally became famous as Hanuman Garhi.

The temple is located on a higher ground in Sankat Mochan, Vasudev Ghat, near bye pass in Ayodhya, U.P. It has a huge entrance gate and is approached by a flight of steps.

The temple houses the idol of Hanuman in the centre, surrounded by the idols of Lord Ram, Laxman, Sita & others.

The temple, also known as Sati Mata or Bandi Devi temple, is situated in the Jalpa Nala locality, on Faizabad road, Ayodhya. Here foot prints of the Sati are worshipped.

The temple & adjoining buildings were constructed in 1947 by Mohanlal Kejariwal.

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