This temple has been established by Divya Kalaji Maharaj & like many other temples of Ayodhya it is also dedicated to Lord Ram, Laxman & Sita.

This temple is located in Ramkot area of Ayodhya, near Kanak Bhawan.

This kund is located near Janora village, in Faizabad on the Chaudah Koshi Parikrama marg in Faizabad, U.P

Shuja-ud-daula, the Nawab of Awadh, made Faizabad the capital of Awadh. During his reign Faizabad attained prosperity, which it never saw again.

This temple, Also known as Dhasrath Gaddi, is located in the Ramkot area of Ayodhya & dedicated to Lord Ram, Laxman & Sita.

Guru Nanakdev Ji visited this place in 1557 Vikrami. He also sermonized local pandits here and since then the construction of Gurudwara was initiated here.

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