It is a worth seeing place, situated on the backside of Shri Ram Janm Bhumi area. The temple houses the idol of Guru Vashishtha

The temple is located in the Janaki Ghat locality of Ayodhya, U.P. and houses very attractive, well decorated idols of Lord Ram & Sita.

This small kund surrounded by pacca ghat is located in the Vibhishan Kund area of Ayodhya

This kund is located near Mani Parvat, in Ayodhya & is surrounded by Pakka Ghat. A Chaturbhuji temple is located near the kund.

This temple, situated on the road going to Vibhishan Kund. It was constructed in 1915 AD. The temple holds an important place among the temples belonging to the Tingal branch of Achari Sect.

This temple, Also known as Dhasrath Gaddi, is located in the Ramkot area of Ayodhya & dedicated to Lord Ram, Laxman & Sita.

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