Shravan Kshetra is located on the bank of River Tons (Tamasa), which is formed by the confluence of River Madaha & River Bisuhi. The place is located at a distance of about 58 km from Ayodhya in Ambedkar Nagar district U.P.

This beautiful scenic spot is located on the bank of River Saryu, where the Samadhi of saint Shringi & his wife Shanta Devi are located.

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The place derives its name from the temple of Chandika Devi, which is the main attraction of the place.

The museum was established by Cultural Deptt. of U.P. in 1988. A variety of artifacts are housed in this museum. Gold, Silver & bronze coins along with statues of Buddha, Jain Tirthankars, Shiva, Vishnu etc. belonging to Maurya, Shunga, Kushan, Gupta & Rajput period can be seen in this museum.

his Kund with a Sun temple nearby, is located in Darshan Nagar, in south east of Ayodhya at Chaudah Koshi Parikrama Marg at a distance of 3 km from Ayodhya, district Faizabad, U.P., India.

This is the birth place of Lord Swaminarayan (1781-1830) and the main attraction of this place is the shrine of Swaminarayan.

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