Paras is named after Rishi Parasar, the grandson of Rishi Vashishtha, a small temple has been built here.

The temple is located on Pratapgarh-LalAlso Known as Chandeshwar Mahadev Temple, this temple of Lord Shiva, is located in the village Chandapur Mathia, in Gonda district, U.P., on the bank of Parvati Jheel (lake), at a distance of about 35 km from Gonda & 25 km from Ayodhya.

Varah Temple & Guru Narhari Das Asthal is located here. Vishnu took the incarnation as a Varah (Pig) in this area to kill Hiranya Kashyap.

This place is located at about 40 km from Sultanpur & 101 km from Ayodhya. It can be accessed via Sultanpur-Munshiganj-Shahgarh road.

Shani Dev Dham, the temple dedicated to Shani Dev, is located at a distance of about 51 km from Allahabad, 16 km from Pratapgarh, 116 km from Ayodhya, & 3 km from Vishwanathganj in Kushfara of Pratapgarh District, U.P.

This place is associated with Brahm Shiromani Shiv Baba Ji Maharaj. People offer metallic bells of different sizes, in order to get their wishes fulfilled and the same can be seen adorning the entire place.

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